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Mental-health-medical-terms. An introduction into the world of mental health. Hello, and welcome to a warm and friendly place where Sharing is Caring. Medical terms in health care covers a range of matters concerned with mental health including illnesses such as:

• anxiety disorders

• eating disorders

• Alzheimers

• Dementia

• drug addiction (the effects of cocaine and heroin)

• substance abuse

• Schizophrenia

• bipolar disorder

• Depression

• personality disorders

• learning disabilities

• autism. These can be very complex and soul destroying for the sufferers and their families and carers. For many individuals who are new to mental health, all the information contained in this site is a great resource and can be used alongside their induction training. Many mental health hospitals offer good quality care, treatment and rehabilitation programmes for their service users as well as good community care facilities. There is a wide variety of information available which provide extensive knowledge about diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and recovery.

Training Services can be provided through Specialist Health and Social Care Training Providers offering a very high standard of training with only experienced and time served trainers. There is so much stigma about mental health, and the aim of this site is to provide information on medical terms and mental health issues, experiences, illnesses and disorders, care provisions and practices, organizations and hospitals, and general issues. It is also an opportunity for people suffering from mental illness to have their say on what its like for them and their families, and for people who work in this sector, how they feel, their experiences, views etc…

Have you ever wondered what its like to work in Mental Healthcare? Do you work in Mental Health? Have you a Mental Illness? Know someone who is mentally ill? Need information, support, guidance? Are you thinking of working in Mental Health? Or just need someone to talk to and share your concerns? Lets share information and put it all in one place....Here. That’s what this site is all about.....Sharing. Please opt-in to subscribe for our monthly newsletters, keeping you posted on updates on mental health medical terms and with the occasional free stuff such as E-Books.

We are duty bound to care for others as a whole, but what about us? At times we need support don’t we? Sometimes we will shut ourselves down in embarrassment at being ill and may start to isolate ourselves from our family and friends. There is lots of information on this site associated with mental healthcare, and is here for the general purpose of providing introductory information and guidance to support your needs. We also need to remove all the stigma associated with mental health too. We can do this by sharing information. We all have stories to tell, why not share them? You’ll probably find that lots of people have shared the same experiences.If you need information on a particular subject, you can contact us using the form on the information page.

I’m not going to confuse you with all the clinical jargon, lets keep it at ground level and not sit with a dictionary in hand for all the technical terms, except for those with clinical expertise. If you have questions....ask them, if you have concerns...share them. The Real Stories pages can be a great source of information and help for everyone. If you would like more information, on any matters concerned with mental health issues please use the contact us form and get in touch.


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About Me

I have spent many years working in mental health as a support worker. My first few months were very much a shock to the system, another world I thought. I was very naive and although well read on the subject, it was still an eye-opener. I have worked with some real characters and some frightening ones too. Initially, the patients I worked with had Learning Disabilities, Autism, Bipolar, Schizophrenia, OCD and various Personality Disorders. I educated myself to gain understanding and have enjoyed working in this environment. I now work in Psychiatric Rehabilitation and still enjoy the challenge.

Along the way I have met many interesting people in all sorts of professions and environments and many have become my closest friends.

The main aim of this site is to promote shared experiences, to provide information at an introductory level, to offer support and guidance and to offer training in all areas within the Care environment.

Ken Jenkinson

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Author of Mental Health Disorders

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