KGV Scale

The KGV Scale is a clinical tool which measures how severe the symptoms are of someone suffering from a psychiatric illness or disorder such as Schizophrenia or Bipolar Disorder. It is used to evaluate the severity of symptoms in order to incorporate the correct treatment. When using this tool, it is very important that the user is fully trained to a high standard so that an accurate evaluation can be made.

With a physical illness, it is easier to see the affliction, but with mental illness it is not so apparent. In order to ascertain what the illness is, we have to have a tool like this to give a correct diagnosis so that the correct treatment can be implemented. It is commonly used throughout the mental health hospitals and organizations and is widely accepted as an effective evaluation and assessment. It is not a 'stand-alone' tool and is usually used in conjunction with other information and assessments.

It is based on the most common symptoms and is partly answers to some questions. Whilst the patient is answering the questions the rater will be observing their behaviour. The rater will be observing whether their behaviour will be consistent with the question at the time, for example, the patient may be distracted by audio/visual hallucinations. Sometimes, behaviour can provide more answers.

Questions will be based on common symptoms such as worrying, tension, muscle-tension, tiredness, feeling restless, hypochondriac tendencies, anxieties, panic attacks, phobias etc... and their answers help to identify the severity of their illness and what measures to put into place to alleviate these symptoms. It is very important that only qualified persons and persons trained in its use should use this tool in order to give a complete and accurate evaluation and help in the diagnosis and treatment of the individual.

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